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Join us for our most advanced and in-depth zouk training for social dance! Here we lay out the fundamentals of connection, elasticity, head movement, and more - teaching CONCEPTS not choreo. Our training is every bit as valuable for follows as leads, if not more challenging. -------------- ASSESSMENTS REQUIRED Team 1 is open to newcomers for the first week. If you are new to the training team, come to the first class of team 1 and you'll be able to conduct your assessment. If you're interested in team 2 and need to assess, come to a team 1 class and we'll do your assessment then. -------------- Schedule & Location Team 1 (intermediate): 8:15 - 9:15 PM Team 2 (advanced): 9:15 - 10:15 PM Fridays @ KTown Dance Studio Current cycle - April 7 - April 28 (4 weeks) -------------- Class Content Team 1 - In-depth body mechanics for clear & comfortable leading/following, intro head movement. Students must be able to lead/follow most common zouk moves while maintaining connection & staying on-time. Team 2 - Advanced head movements combined with precise footwork. Students must be able to lead/follow basic head movements while maintaining frame & controlling weight transfers Both levels - The training team has a progressive curriculum & enrollment structure that encourages regular attendance. You'll be able to work with a consistent group and help each other grow! -------------- Financial Accessibility If cost is an issue and there's a lower price at which you would be able to come, DM us and we'll be happy to make it work!

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