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About Payment Pages

Easy Ticketing For Your Event or Service

Set up a page to take payments with minimum hassle, and stay on top of your sales & customers with our intuitive management interface.

Accept Credit Cards & Payment Apps

We know that taking payments via apps can be really helpful for keeping things simple, especially for side hustles or smaller events. Payment Pages support fully automated ticketing via Venmo, and they have assisted flows for other payment apps, so customers can feel safe sending you money.

We also have competitive pricing for credit card payments. Even if you don't plan to accept payment apps, our platform's design and ease-of-use might convince you to give it a try!


Payment Pages are free to set up, and we don't charge any kind of subscription fees to keep them active. Instead we charge a processing fee for each transaction, as follows:

Payment apps: 4.2% + 15¢
Credit cards: 2.1% + 15¢ + Stripe fee

By default, the fee is charged to the customer, but you can also choose to pay it out of your revenue.

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